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AMAA Membership:
An applicant needs to provide a letter outlining why they wish to join the AMAA and how they feel they will be an asset to the AMAA membership base; alternatively they are welcome to attend an AMAA meeting to fulfil these criteria in person. An applicant shall also provide a copy of grading certification from the earliest point possible in their martial arts career as well as certification from the earliest point possible of their current discipline should that be different, along with their black belt/1st Dan certificate if applicable and most recent certification.

Recognition Certification:
The AMAA can award certificates of grade recognition. Recognition of Rank Certificates are not AMAA awarded gradings, they are merely formal recognition of years of experience and gradings awarded by a "third party".
Recognition certificates are awarded to new members or member clubs' students and must be applied for in writing. Initial membership applications to the AMAA will also be considered as applications for Recognition of Rank Certification.
An individual who has obtained a Recognition of Rank Certificate may apply to have an AMAA awarded grading after a minimum period of 12 months following the issue of the Recognition Certificate.

Grading Criteria:
All AMAA awarded Grading Certifications must be applied for in writing and approved by the AMAA Committee. Once a Grading application has been approved and all requirements for said application have been fulfilled, the AMAA committee will deliberate at a subsequent meeting to decide if AMAA certification will be awarded and what that certification will be.
The AMAA Committee may take previous years of experience into consideration when awarding grading certification. The AMAA Committee reserves the right to refuse an application for membership or grading certification. The AMAA may also deny awarding an AMAA grading even if an application for an AMAA certified grading has been approved.

AMAA Grading Timeline Minimums:
Black Belt/1st Dan: 3 years training in your current chosen discipline.
Please note individuals who do not currently hold a Black Belt Rank in their current martial art discipline need to first fulfil all the requirements of their chosen discipline in order to achieve an AMAA awarded grading. Ideally, an applicant should first be awarded any rank they wish to obtain from the AMAA by a senior instructor of their chosen discipline before applying for an AMAA grading, the AMAA also understands this is not always obtainable due to extenuating circumstances.

The minimum time requirements for Dan grade advancements is the same number of additional years of experience as the grade one is attempting to achieve since the applicant's last awarded grading, for example.

1st Dan: 1 year's training since achieving Black Belt.
2nd Dan: 2 years since achieving 1st Dan.
3rd Dan: 3 years since achieving 2nd Dan.
4th Dan: 4 years since achieving 3rd Dan.
5th Dan: 5 years since achieving 4th Dan.
6th Dan: 6 years since achieving 5th Dan.
7th Dan: 7 years since achieving 6th Dan.

Performance based gradings:
All performance based gradings must be applied for in writing, two months prior to the grading. The application must contain the number of years of experience the applicant has had at their current rank as well as their current and former martial art clubs, a copy of their most recent accreditation and an outline what will be demonstrated in their grading performance. Where possible an applicant should also submit a letter of recommendation from a senior instructor of their discipline.

Non-performance based gradings:
Members that hold Dan Grades may in some circumstances, advance without the individual performing a grading. An applicant must still have fulfilled the time requirement and a letter containing the guidelines as set out above must still be submitted by either the applicant themselves, if personally applying to receive a grading or their nominator if being nominated to advance in rank. In addition to all previously mentioned requirements an applicant will be awarded their grading based on an acknowledgment of some form of higher martial arts based achievement. Some example reasons are listed below.

*    Obtaining "C", "B" or "A" class Tournament Official Certification.
    (Guidelines for achieving these accreditations can be found in the AMAA tournament Rule Book)

*    Holding an Executive Committee position within the AMAA.

*    Outstanding performance at an AMAA event.

*    Outstanding student performance at an AMAA event

*    Mentored a novice student to a Black Belt rank.

*    Overseeing a student open a martial arts club

Junior Black Belt/Dan Grades:
The AMAA does not award martial art students under the age of 16 AMAA Black Belt Certification however Recognition of Rank certification may be awarded. A martial artist who has received a Recognition of Rank certificate under the age of 16 for a Black Belt Rank will be asked to regrade for the same rank once they are 16 and have observed the required "Timeline Minimum" at that age to achieve their senior AMAA awarded grading for their current rank.

Please Note: All requirements contained herein may be subject to review by the current AMAA committee at the time of any application being submitted.